Eternally Optimistic

Eternal optimist is a label I have given myself.   It certainly wasn’t always that way.  And, sometimes it takes half a day for me to think of things that bring me joy.  I usually succeed – but there are also days when I am perfectly happy being miserable.  Thankfully those days don’t happen often.

A by-product of my optimism is that there are times when I am working or doing random activities and I get a sense, or a feeling, of overwhelming joy for no apparent reason!  Perhaps it is the onset of some sort of craziness.  But, I choose to embrace those moments.  Most of the time it is just some routine activity – like “I get to watch Jeopardy with Rick tonight”!!  Now that is something to get excited about!

For so many years I was unacceptable to myself.  Period.  In my mind, other people surely saw me the same way.  It was a paralyzing way to live.  What other people thought of me – or what I perceived they thought of me – was all consuming.  I am so thankful to NOT feel that way anymore.

Knowing how God sees me has without a doubt brought about this change in my perception of myself.  It’s not that I, as a human being, don’t have faults.  Everyone does after all.  But God sees me as perfect in every way.   I don’t think I could have come to that realization without first becoming a mom.  After all, my kids are perfect!   The world may disagree with me, but in my eyes they are without flaw.  Perfect creations.

I have so much to be thankful for that there are not enough hours in a day to describe them all.  Today I am thankful that I no longer hate who I am and for being blessed with random joyfulness.  I am eternally optimistic that tomorrow will bring another round of thankfulness and joy!

Now, if I could just get randomly joyful about exercise… I’ll let you know when it happens.

Sandy signs


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